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Have You ever wanted the best for someone else more than they did? That's called love.  We love this game, with a passion.  Everything  from the nervous feeling of not knowing what's going to happen in the final seconds of a close game.   To the blood, sweat, and tears associated with pushing yourself to you highest possible level.   That's why we decided to share our love, providing a basketball experience for amateur athletes/parents dedicated to giving them valuable tools to navigate this landscape of competitive sports.  There is one scholarship available for every 1000 aspiring athletes.   We want you to be that ONE.  Sports For All Forever!

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

The Amateur Athletic Union was founded on January 21, 1888. The multi Sport Union has grown to have over 670,000 participants and over 100,000 volunteers.  There are many imitators but only one Real AAU. The Union is proud to provide the AAU Select Tour as a valuable service to its many basketball members.

Top line sports

Top Line Sports has been helping players boost their recruitment for years. TLS is not only a nationwide scouting service comprised of former D1 coaches who know what it takes to get to the next level. They also have a Sports Video Production Team providing participants with the best quality Highlight Tapes and Game footage from camp. Every participant at camp receives a Personal Player Evaluation and TLS uses their platform to connect  college coaches with players from every camp.

Pure Results Training

Pure Results Training has been one of the fastest growing and sought after  basketball performance and skill development company on the east coast.  Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina owner Gabe Blair is a master when it comes to developing players on all levels from NBA Players to Amateur Players of all ages.   We are honored to have him as our Tour Skill Development Director, his advanced one of a kind training program challenges players physically  and mentally at every camp.